What We Do

Scheduled Property Care

With our scheduled property care program we agree up front on what services you want then we visit your home or business on a regular basis to::

  • Mow Grass
  • Edge Driveways and Sidewalks
  • Trim hedges
  • Remove small limbs and lose debris
  • Other services as agreed…

Additional Property Maintenance

Every property needs some special care occasionally.   Beyond our regular scheduled maintenance we can:

  • Replace sod and mulch
  • Plant or replant beds
  • Install shrubs, hedges, and trees
  • Remove all of the above
  • Storm cleanup.
  • Custom landscape installations

Commercial and Heavy Services

For bigger jobs we are fully equipped with heavy equipment and experienced staff for:

  • Bobcat, Backhoe, and Dump Truck Service
  • Trash outs, clean ups, and haul away
  • Initial cleanup and ongoing maintenance of repos and relos (interior and exterior)

Other Services

As you can guess, we’ve seen a lot and done almost everything in our 40 years in business.    We pride ourselves on serving our customers.   If  you need it just ask and there is a good chance that we can help.   There are some things that we can’t do because of licensing restrictions (such as application of chemicals or removal of hazardous materials).    If we can’t do it ourselves there is a good chance that we can recommend a trusted partner in that field that we have worked with in the past.

Our goal is to keep your property looking great and to remove the hassle of dealing with multiple and sometimes unreliable contractors.     Let Greenthumb be your one stop shop for keeping your outdoor environment beautiful.